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Benefits Of Viva Ballet Academy Classical Ballet Lessons

Ballet has a great number of physical, mental, and social benefits for participants. However, frequently people feel just like if indeed they haven’t learned ballet as a child then they’ve somehow missed the boat.

VIVA BALLET Academy tutor, and leader of our ballet academy, writes about why taking up ballet in your spare time might just be the best thing you ever do. Singapore gives us her Top 8 Great things about Ballet, that is just as true for complete beginners because they are for experienced pros.

Ballet Body

Great ballet dancers have a talent for making ballet look effortless as if they are expending hardly any physical effort when they perform. But, of course, the graceful performance we see on stage doesn’t tell the complete story! You needn’t look beyond the physiques of professional ballet dancers to realize that ballet is fantastic physical training. And taking on ballet in your spare time is not different. In any way levels, ballet engages the entire body from check out toe, with each exercise at the barre working different muscles. Studies constantly show that ballet training is as physically tough as lots of top-level sports. VIVA BALLET Academy offers classical ballet lessons, with qualification by Royal Academy of Dance, the most prestigious dance organization in the UK, which showed even an introductory class for complete beginners was an efficient workout.

Communication Skills

Among the great things about seeing ballet performed is how effective it reaches telling a tale without words. This sensation of communication through movement isn’t simply a one-way street: it is merely as exciting learning to use the body to communicate as it is for an audience on opening night. Learning ballet in your free time is an excellent creative outlet that helps to develop self-expression in new and exciting ways.

Perfect that Posture

Many of us spend hour after hour slumped before screens, which can create bad postural habits with long-term effects. Ballet will help you ensure you get your posture on point, as well as en pointe! Ballet classes help develop correct everyday posture, improving balance and coordination. Training takes a lengthened, vertical spine and square hips, and learning this stance increases knowledge of the way you might stand, sit, or walk-in lifestyle.

Happy Hormones

Inside a ballet class if you are centered on keeping the body and co-ordination with the music in as soon as, you are able to escape from the stresses of everyday life. The extreme physical workout of ballet releases endorphins giving participants a genuine feel-good factor, after and during class. Additionally, classical music has been proven to have positive, calming influences on the mind and aids focus and concentration, all helping to create happy ballet dancers!

Ballet classes can develop a supportive community, helping people feel comfortable to learn and grow together.

Social Dancing

Ballet classes are a great spot to meet new people who have similar interests and passions. As adults, it could seem we don’t have many opportunities to learn something new from scratch and take action creative beyond our safe place. Doing this with other people who are all in the same boat and who are all looking because of their own creative outlet is a superb way to make new friends. Eventually, ballet classes can develop a supportive community, helping people feel safe to learn and grow together.

Creative Expression

Ballet is a remarkable talent with centuries of tradition and development (read our short history of ballet here). Once you’ve sparked an interest there are basically no limits on what you can learn, from great ballet works to ballet dancers, awesome pieces of classical music, to great ballet composers and choreographers. Hey, you will learn a few of the French language.!


Whether at the barre or dancing to a routine, Ballet gives you a possibility to perform as you move through elegant and graceful choreography, which can do wonders for self-confidence. Learning new and challenging techniques and then putting them into practice in front of your classmates or an audience gives you a genuine confidence boost.


Finally, & most importantly, learning ballet is great fun, which is one of the reasons why this beautiful form has stood the test of time and is still enjoyed by so many people even today. Even while a beginner, learning to acquire the abilities and movements, dancing to new varieties of music, and meeting passionate, like-minded people is a genuine joy! It’s definitely one of the reasons why I really like ballet and continue to teach it!